One of the most popular income initiatives to come from Friends are its range of vibrant cookbooks.

These are not only colorful collections of recipes, but souvenirs of the countries themselves as they combine the cooking tips with the stories behind many of the dishes, beautiful photographs and illustrations and insights into local culture.

The Best of Friends

The book that started it all – ‘The Best of Friends’, the first of an amazing series, is packed full of delicious recipes that reflect the international flavors of the famous ‘Friends the Restaurant’ in Phnom Penh.

from Spiders to Water Lilies

Winner of two international awards (Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Award and Gourmand World Cookbook Award) the second Friends cookbook focuses on the country where the organization was born, Cambodia, complementing amazing dishes with fabulous illustrations from the students. Available in English, French and Germany.

from Honeybees to Pepperwood

This cookbook, the latest from Friends, features recipes from Makphet Restaurant, our award-winning (Miele Guide Asia) training restaurant in Vientiane, alongside some great stories and truly stunning photography from this beautiful country. Available in English and in French.

You can purchase our cookbooks from Friends ‘N’ Stuff or our International Selling Points.