Vatey's Excellency; Decorator of Flowers (2009)
Artists: Chhuon Vatey, Kung Kanika, Khan Sreytoch, Khan Chantea, 14

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Friends-International is a global team of more than 500 people. Our main office is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia but we collaborate with people from all corners of the globe. We are an equal opportunity employer and on top of that we celebrate diversity in our working environment.


We are building something important here. Friends-International is always trying to find new, creative ways of working with families, communities, government, NGOs and businesses. Improving the lives of the children, youth and the families in the communities we work with is a challenge we set for ourselves.


By working with us you will be helping marginalized young people to have access to education, training and all the support they need to become productive citizens of their country.

You can play a part in building that better future for them!