ChildSafe is a global child protection system established by and powered by Friends-International.
Children and young people are traditionally protected by their families and their communities. However, in a rapidly changing development environment, these communities turn to Governments and NGOs to fulfil this role.

Through its work, Friends-International recognized that communities and individuals are disempowered or simply do not know how to react to situations of abuse of children. This leads to children being left unprotected and abuse becomes more common.

ChildSafe was designed to:

  • Protect children & youth from all forms of abuse
  • Prevent children & youth from engaging in dangerous behaviors
  • Influence all tiers of society and the international community so they can create positive environments for children & youth

This is achieved by training and supporting key and strategic members of communities, raise awareness and promoting behavior change among the general population and supporting behaviour change among tourists and travelers to reduce their social footprint.

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